ESAWAS is an equal opportunity employer with dynamic and adaptable persons who are not afraid to think creatively, to be proactive, flexible and responsive.

Youth & Gender INITIATIVE

ESAWAS recognizes the value that women and youth can contribute to water and sanitation activities, including their leadership, capacity for creativity and innovation, their dedication and energy, and their ability to raise awareness and change behaviour.

ESAWAS in collaboration with sector partners will create a database of young professionals with gender balance who will be incentivized to participate in regulation.

Our strategy

Capacity Enhancement

  • Internship programme for recent graduates with the member regulators of ESAWAS Regulators Association to better prepare the youth for the professional environment.
  • Small awards for writing and/or presenting research or innovations related to regulatory systems will be instituted in the form of pay-outs and capacity building opportunities to attend a regulatory training in the region.

Targeting Increased Participation

  • Women and youth participation in WASH events giving them an opportunity to share knowledge and experience in WSS Regulation.
  • Knowledge sharing through participation in webinars and trainings with partners-IWA, AfWASA.

Focused networking

  • ESAWAS Engage Platform for digital collaboration/discussion with professionals in regulation and service provision.
  • Collaboration and partnerships with other institutions for effective implementation. IWA, AfWASA, World Bank, African Development Bank, AMCOW.